When it comes into running a business, no matter how small or big, it is important to store financial records as accurate as possible. In the business world, there are various ways to complete this task; accountants, bookkeepers or other personnel are hired. However, this might be quite expensive especially to those businesses that are still starting up.
Today, there is this accounting software that is known to the public, QuickBooks. In fact, QuickBooks was tagged as one of the most popular accounting package in 2010.
This comes in 3 affordable plans which all include the following:
• No downloads, no contract, and can be cancelled anytime
• Free unlimited support
• Free updates and automated backups
• Free mobile App
• Upgrade to a higher plan anytime
• Bank level security
Apart from that, before paying the monthly fees, it is possible that one can take advantage of the free trail.
1. QuickBooks Online: Simple Start
This package includes track sales, expenses and profits, create and send unlimited invoices, track and manage sales tax, works on any operating system (Mac or PC) and even mobile, accessible for one user plus the company’s accountant. This package is available at a discounted rate of US $12 per month with about 20% savings.

2. QuickBooks Online: Essentials
This package includes all the Simple Start features, manage and pay bills, transact in multiple currencies, generate sales quotes and accessible up to three users plus the company’s accountant. This package is available for US $ 16.10 per month with 30% savings.

3. QuickBooks Online: Plus
This package is considered to be the most popular type, as this includes all the essential features, track inventory, create purchase orders, track project or job profitability and accessible up to five users plus the company’s accountant. This package is available at a 70% discounted rate which is US $ 9.30 per month.

• Large Support Network – if there is an instance there is need for the user to ask questions or have issues, and then there is an available support to assist you.
• Low Cost – this is definitely a huge savings for the businesses as there is no need to hire an extra hand to complete the tasks
• Basics – it includes the basics that are viable in every transaction to be done.
• Security – there will be a possibility that important information can be available to online hackers if the one used is the online version.
• Upgrade – there is an extra charge or additional cost if you need to upgrade.
Overall, there is a good purchase most especially to those who are still starting with the business.

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