Saasu, private online software from Australia, allows its users to set up their sales and purchases online at the same time send out automated statements. Moreover, payments are done easier and faster through online payment via Paypal, Stripe, Eway and Braintree. It also makes the inventory more organized as it manages the company’s stocks and ecommerce ready. Lastly, you are provided with a Live Dashboard which allows you to track your business growth and bank feeds which make you reconcile with live bank feeds.
There are various plans being offered in Saasu and each on provides specific features that suits each business type. The plans are also available in various countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and in Australia. In Australia this is available in 4 plans: Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large.

1.Small: Allows you up to 1000 Invoices, Pays, Transfers and Journals for 1 year, and composes of all core features, support, and up to 3 bank feeds. This is for a monthly rate of $15.

2.Medium: Allows annual transactions up to 20,000 invoices, pays, transfers and journals. This includes core features, support, reports and up to 5 bank feeds. This allows up to 20 payroll employees payment summaries, timesheets, track contracts and superstream. This also includes inventory, and multicurrency. This is for a monthly rate of $40.

3.Large: Annual transactions up to 40,000 invoices, expenses, pays, transfers and journals. This includes core features, support, reports, up to 10 bank feeds and 40 employees. Allows inventory and multicurrency and advanced features. Monthly rate of $ 70.

4.X-Large: Annual transaction of 100,000, with core features, reports, up to 20 bank feeds and 100 employees. Includes inventory, multi currency and advanced features. Monthly rate $ 180.

•Fast and simple
•Simple interface
•Good customer service

•Can be a little easy on the payroll but does not have everything that is needed.
•There are some issues with the automatic bank
Generally, this is a good product. It does make the accounting tasks in the company easier and makes tasks done faster. It also allows the users to explore and connect with others. This is definitely a great buy for companies.

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