Xero has numerous functions which makes the companies’ tasks a lot easier. This software, it allows the companies formulate and invoices and even handle bills payment and payroll. Apart from that, it even allows the user to file tax information and get connected with other business applications.
Good news, Xero has a 30-day free trial to ensure customer satisfaction. Then after the trial period clients are offered 5 payment plans.

1. Starter Plan: This type plan is recommended for freelancers as this is the most basic among the five. This allows the users to get support from Xero bookkeepers and account any time, any day. Apart from that it allows the user to make bills entries up to five, plus 20 bank transactions with free conversion from Quickbooks. This is for $ 6.30 for the first 6 months then thereafter you will be charged for $ 9 per month.

2. Standard Plan: This plan is recommended for small businesses; this has almost everything that the Starter Plan has, but this plan allows you to pay unlimited bills and banking transactions. Then one can handle up to 5 employee’s payroll by direct deposit and checks. Along with that it allows the user to customize the purchase orders. Lastly, e-file and pay federal and state taxes. This is for $ 21 for the first 6 months then thereafter $30 per month.

3. Premium Plan: This plan basically offers same as the above plans, but instead of 5 employees it allows the user up to 10 employees. Apart from that, it has a unique option that allows one to toggle up to through 160 different countries. If the company has a Xero Payroll and has about 10 employees then this type of plan is recommended for you. This cost $49 for the first 6 months then $ 70 per month thereafter.

4. Premium 20 Plan: This type of plan is basically same the premium, but instead of 10 employees this allows up to 20 employees. This is the same with the Premium plan, it is just that it is recommended if you have 20 employees. This is for $63 for the first 6 months thereafter $90 per month is being charged.

5. Premium Plan 100: Of all the plans this is considered to be the most expensive one, as this has a unique feature that allows payroll extension. It does offer everything of the above plan, and for those companies that have up to 100 employees, this is the best plan for you. This is available for $126 for the first 6 months then thereafter $180 per month.

• Organized interface
• No downloads – it does not eat up memory or space on your computer
• Bank transactions made quick and easy
• Easy integration with third party apps due to cloud computing
•Up-to-date software
•Has a built in payroll
•Easy to use
•24/7 Customer great support and services

•Not good for companies with high volume sales via Paypal, makes the software slow
•Does not support ETP’s
•One cannot ensure that payments are done on time due to no built in “Debtor Chasing”
Overall, this is worth your money as it can make your companies’ tasks a lot easier. It is not perfect but it can definitely bring a great help.

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