ZOHO CRM Reviews


A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a great tool for storing and classifying business data. It can help a company know and retain necessary data that can be stored and used in the future. CRM also help an agent access any individual’s file in their record and keep data and reports. If you are looking for more affordable yet reliable CRM software, you can try Zoho. This program has a lot of cool and integrated features that lets you link your email and make updated reports to keep the tab on your company’s daily statistics. Zoho is seamless since Zoho tech keeps the software updated to eliminate bugs and lags.


Zoho’s CRM price can be comparable to other products since it is more inexpensive compared to other CRM programs out there in the market. Here is the list of Zoho’s rates and the perks that come with each package.

  1.    Free – you get to save at least up to 25,000 records and this package can be used by up to 10 users.
  2.    Standard at $12 per user per month – this package can save up to 100,000 records and can add mass emails, sales forecasting, custom reports, and marketing campaigns
  3.    Professional at $20 per user per month – this package can save up to unlimited records. Have the same features as the Standard package plus it has outlook integration, can save up to 500 emails in a day and has lead assignment automation
  4.    Enterprise at $35 per user per month – this package can save unlimited records, has the same features as the Professional package plus has custom modules, can save up to 1,000 emails in a day, territory management and other cool professional features.  



  •    Zoho does a lot of upgrades thus eliminating software lags and glitches. The current version has upgraded with their UI and mobile application
  •    Centered on sales driven analytics
  •    Email marketing tools are robust and reliable
  •    Reporting is comprehensive and is updated no real time
  •    Zoho can integrate well with other products like google applications and other Zoho related software
  •    Not as expensive as other brands
  •    Has a functional free edition that you can use for a long time


  •    Customer support tends to be limited
  •    Customization needs to be done, and sometimes, the customization details tends to be overwhelming for some
  •    Zoho may be too complicated to setup for some. You need a person who is great in computer software program to help you understand how to start and use the program
  •    Tech support is efficient but phone support is not available for some of the packages
  •    The Zoho CRM software needs other Zoho applications to work well. For some, it would be okay if they are comfortable working with full-on Zoho applications. But for some, this can be quite a hassle


If you are comfortable to work with Zoho, then this CRM is ideal for you. For the price, it can do a lot of things compared to other CRM programs. It can provide updated reports and can be fully customizable. It is great to work with and can be useful for small to medium companies.