An easy to use marketing email tool that is engaging and has powerful social media integration is great if you would like to be seen more and more via the social media platform. With iContact, you can make use of this software to make yourself more visible and tap your market niche via social media.

Aside from its strong social media integration, iContact is also an engaging tool for your consumers since you can create polls, surveys and send out newsletter and emails to your market.


If you would like to try iContact, here is the list of prices and packages that you can avail:

  1.    Email Marketing: is priced at 52$ per month and an annual pay of $44.20, its features include reliable sending, list management, autoresponders, responsive email templates and campaign tracking
  2.    Pro Automation: is priced at $129 per month and an annual pay of $109.65, its features workflows, triggered messages, landing pages, engagement tracking and behavioral targeting
  3.    They also have add-ons and extra features that you can add. Just contact iContact for a list of fees or for a quotation.



  •    Has multiple email builders,
  •    With available free trial to help you decide if this is the best software option for you
  •    It can create an email list (ex., do not contact or unsubscribe list)
  •    Autoresponder can be scheduled
  •    Easy to use and learn interface
  •    Has a powerful social media integration
  •    Has a survey tool
  •    Provides social media statistics
  •    You can send surveys and polls to your consumers thus, making your emails more engaging and fun
  •    Has a list management tool that makes it easier to see what daily task can you complete with the system



  •    Has not third party email integration or address import function
  •    Test email can be glitch or delayed
  •    Has a limited autoresponder capability
  •    Does not have Google analytics function
  •    Has limited chat support function
  •    Has  limited phone customer support
  •    Cost and charging may be not as cut throat as compared to other software companies. They can sometimes charge you with inactive contacts
  •    Hard to make format and font changes for those who are keen on these issues
  •    Maybe glitchy and unreliable at times, systems seems to lag
  •    Segments may be confusing
  •    May need someone who is good at code to help with the segments and uploads


iContact is and easy to use and easy to navigate email service device that has a lot of function and capability. The software can create great looking emails that can help you create a pool of consumers that can easily respond to your campaigns. The email schedule function is also a great way to make sure that iContact is working for you even if you are not working in front of the computer.

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