If you are looking for a tool that would help you boost your online business sales, then Infusionsoft is the ideal software for you. The features that it provides such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, lead generation tools, email and social media tools help you provide in attracting leads that can help you get to your consumer immediately. Infusionsoft also has tools that are e-commerce based thus, helping you with your online sales.


For those who have a hard time in navigating the software, Infusionsoft provides an in-depth one on one coaching services to help you get started. This is called their Kickstarter package which is mandatory for those who would like to start working on the software. The Kickstarter package is divided into two options. First, they have the Marketing Blueprint Kickstart which is ideal for capturing and nurturing leads with automation. The second one would be Automate and Scale Kickstart which is ideal for those who would like to streamline and automate key processes. Both Kickstarter packages cost $1,999.


The different packages that Infusionsoft offers are the following:

  1.    Essentials at $199 per month – has basic marketing automation needs plus CRM
  2.    Deluxe Sales at $299 per month – utilizes the CRM, marketing automation, and sales automation
  3.    Deluxe E-commerce at $200 per month – Utilizes CRM, marketing automation, and E-commerce
  4.    Complete at $379 per month – has CRM use, Marketing automation, Sales automation and E-commerce
  5.    The team at $599 per month – has more contact and emails and has the same use as the Complete package.



  •    Able to automatically search for clients and store vital information such as documents, interaction data, and email
  •    Help you build campaigns with ease. Infusionsoft has a unique way of building campaigns via flowchart style
  •    There are a lot of online communities that is focused on the use of Infusionsoft, you can join forums and talk about how to best maximize the service
  •    Great in email deliverability
  •    Flawless and great CRM
  •    Fast and reliable platform, no bugging
  •    Great customer service support
  •    Has a tutorial for those who would like to learn to navigate Infusionsoft



  •    Easily logs out when not active
  •    Email templates could improve more
  •    For some, the tutorial may be unnecessary
  •    May be expensive if you made the mistake of getting the most expensive package
  •    Reporting good improve. The data that they present could be too complex for those who are not well versed in online data reports
  •    When buying the software, you cannot immediately purchase it from their website, you have to buy it from a sales representative
  •    No PayPal Payment support. This could be a pain for online sellers since most of the online transactions that occur are paid thru PayPal
  •    Needs to have A/B Testing. Split test for email and landing page could be important to help the consumer know if their strategy in creating leads is great


Overall, Infusionsoft is promising software that can help you create your leads 24/7 it is efficient and fast. It is reliable and innovative in a sense that it is efficient enough to work for you even if you are in your sleep.

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