MailChimp is a marketing software service that has a number of integrations and features. The software can help you with your email marketing, can send automated messages to clients and can provide you targeted campaigns. MailChimp makes sure that you are able to reach your target market in a short amount of time.

MailChimp also has a very impressive reporting system that can help you see and track your marketing progress.


MailChimp also is affordable if compared to other competing email lead software in the market. For the function that it provides and efficiency wise, MailChimp is the ideal tool if you are on a tight budget.


Here are the packages that you can purchase from MailChimp:

  1.    Starting Up, Forever Free – this can help you send up to 12,000 emails per month for free
  2.    Growing Business, 25$ per month – can send emails, has marketing automation, targeting and segmenting possible clients. Has A/B testing plus collaboration features
  3.    Pro marketer at $199 per month – a highly customizable package that can do more. This package provides advanced marketing analytics and multivariate testing, has comparative reporting and more.



  •    You can start with a free plan trial to help you assess if the software fits your needs
  •    Can integrate with a lot of third party programs
  •    Much cheaper plans compared to other email lead programs
  •    Highly customizable templates that can help you with your company’s branding
  •    Can support a lot of languages. This can help you reach more consumers if you are planning to target global clients
  •    Has an impressive and detailed reporting system
  •    Has a mobile application. This means that you can still monitor your company’s progress anywhere, anytime


  •    Although the free plan may be helpful for a starter company, it does not have the auto-responder option and the high-end analytic tools
  •    Reports are not in real-time
  •    May have some bug issues that needs to be fixed, slow when the system is being refreshed
  •    Has no professional design service that can help you customize your wants and needs
  •    No PayPal option if you want to sign up
  •    Difficult to design for those who are not familiar with coding, has limited design options


In the end, when trying to decide which best email marketing tool to buy, it all boils down to what works best for you and your company’s needs. With MailChimp, you are sure that the ease of use and the amount of leads that you initially create can make a big impact in your company’s aim to increase marketing and sales with the help of email campaigns and internet anaylytics.

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