If you are looking for a CRM (Customer Relation Management) software that can do a lot of things like phone marketing campaigns, run a social network and email campaigns in one application, then it would be ideal to use Agile.  Agile is a great CRM that has a lot of integration that can make file management and campaigns easier and more efficient.


If you would like to avail and try Agile, you can try it for free or make use of the program based on the prices below.

  1.    Free – can be used up to 1000 contacts and up to two users
  2.    Starter plan for $14.99 per user per month – can be used up to 10,000 contacts and has basic features
  3.    Regular plan for $49.99 per user per month – can be used up to 50,000 contacts, has documents support, phone integration and a few more key features
  4.    Enterprise plan for $79.99 per user per month – can be used for an unlimited number of contacts and has a lot of useful features.

Special discounts are provided if you pay annually or bi-annually. For a full payment of 1 year, you get to have 20% discount in all of the features. And if you pay for the program for two years, you get to have a 40% discount.



  •    Works well with the following integrations: AWeber, Google Drive, Gr5avity Forms, MySQL and Piper drive, Twilio and RingCentral
  •    Part of the top 40 list of CRM vendors in the market
  •    Gives consumers the free hand to schedule their appointments
  •    Simple to use, user-friendly
  •    Well organized in storing data and client information
  •    Minimal bugs and lags
  •    Can provide visitor’s activity on your website
  •    Has an email automated feature
  •    Campaign builder is in a workflow or flowchart format
  •    Has a drop and drag interface that is easy to use


  •    Some programs does not work great with Agile
  •    Sending emails can be more time consuming if you do not set it as an email campaign
  •    Cannot add an attachment to an email campaign
  •    Email campaigns need to improve since it does not reach the main mail but rather goes straight to the spam folder
  •    Clunky email or campaign set-up
  •    Does not provide a great geolocation application for prospect clients
  •    Customer service can improve
  •    Pricing is a bit expensive as compared to other CRM vendors that have the same function and features as Agile


Agile lets you manage and see prospects and lead clients. It is a great CRM to store former and potential client’s data. Lead and analytics can be done with the help of other software integration. The free version is doable and still works. This is a great aspect if you would like to try the application first before deciding to purchase and invest on it.

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