Constant Contact

If you need an efficient way to make your internet marketing campaigns a success, you can try and use Constant Contact. Constant Contact is a no-brainer easy to use that can create email campaigns a synch. The mobile application is a plus if you want to operate whenever you are out and about.


If you would like to start and use Constant Contact, here are the price points that you may choose:

  1.    Free 60-day trial – you can get full access to all email marketing tools, live expert help, and online resources
  2.    Email at 20$ per month – you get all the features plus customizable emails
  3.    Email plus at 45$ per month – you get all the features plus added email custom template and more email options
  4.    Customizable plans – price point depends on the options and features that you want to use



  •    Has a 60-day free trial option
  •    Has 100% 30-day money back guarantee
  •    Has no contract and you can cancel anytime
  •    The price point is more affordable compared to other competitors
  •    Has a great selection of help materials
  •    Available with email templates
  •    Can import contacts from your Gmail and Outlook account
  •    Can create reports in a neat PDF file after a campaign
  •    Utilizes a great email editor if you would like to customize your campaigns
  •    Has Google Analytics integration
  •    Has a mobile application, thus, you can use this application whenever you are on the go



  •    The system needs to improve, it is buggy and glitch
  •    Has a limited autoresponder system
  •    Can lag and be slow especially if you click the dashboard
  •    Has a limited default storage system, it can only limit itself initially up to five files
  •    Lacks important features for marketers.
  •    Has no A/B testing function
  •    The draft window when making emails may be different with the outcome
  •    More of a one-way street when it comes to marketing, tracking consumer’s engagement is not as sophisticated as compared to other software competitors


If you want a simple, right off the bat and easy to use email campaign, then Constant Contact is the best option for you. It is friendly and easy to use even for those who are new to the email marketing scene. Constant Contact is best for small startup companies who would like to send out newsletter and ads or with organizations or companies that would like to send updated email messages to groups, its members or its employees

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