Get Response

Getting email integration software that can do a lot of stuff is available always. But when it comes to an email integration that can do Google Analytics Integration and added third party contact import integration is a bonus when it comes to easy email management. With Getting Response, you can do all these things and more. Get Response is easy to use email software that allows you to amp up your email campaigns. It helps you gather the activity of your subscribers and also, it gives you an idea on when and what are the purchases and activity of your subscribers are. Thus, you can create content based on your audience’s behavior.


  •    Uses Google Analytics thus it helps you give the perfect mix of when to send your emails to your customers and what demographic will you perfectly send them to.
  •    Can track if your email was opened, has bounced back or if it has been forwarded to another person
  •    Has a free 30-day trial
  •    Ideal for those who are new to the internet marketing scene since it is easy to use
  •    Has at least a few templates and stock images and font changes that you can use
  •    Easy to set up auto responders and trigger messages
  •    Automatically sends welcome messages, birthday greetings, holiday greetings and discount notifications to those who are subscribed to your email system


  •    Hard to ask for a refund especially if you have applied in an annual program
  •    Limited customization and template options. This is not ideal for companies who would like to optimize branding.
  •    The limited number of font styles and the use of other pictures other than the stock photos provided may cause some issues when creating emails
  •    Has a hard time getting thru Gmail Accounts
  •    Still needs a few improvements since there are still a few issues when it comes to sending emails and creating content for the emails
  •    Hard to view individual profiles of subscribers

Overall, Get Response is a great email marketing tool that can help you with email campaigns. The Google Analytics feature plus the integrated email option can help you make your marketing job easier. The thirty-day trial is also a great way to gauge if you want this software to be used for a long period of time. Signing up is easy but deciding to discontinue using this email software service can be a bit of a hassle. So we suggest that you try first the thirty-day trial before you sign up.

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