Live Chat Inc Review


If you are keen on building a great customer relations channel with your clients, it would be ideal to build a system and a team that can answer queries and questions from consumers using live chat and email support that can provide tickets for reference and for records. It would also be great to have software that has an ideal platform and can be compatible with different websites and phone applications. With this, you can be sure that you are not getting the short end of the stick when it comes to your intention of doing your best all in the name of providing great customer service.

LiveChat Inc. is software that is built for customer service support. Depending on the price, LiveChat Inc can provide different features. The initial monthly price of sixteen dollars can provide a sixty-day chat history, basic and simple chat customization, data security and basic ticketing system. For thirty dollars per month, you get the basic services plus add-ons like full chat customization, unlimited chat history, and basic reporting. For a fee for thirty-three dollars per month, you get the services mentioned in the 16$, 30$ and 33$ profile plus agent group and multiple branding options. And lastly, for a premium price $50 per month, an add-on of staffing prediction, a dedicated account manager, product training, Software engineer support, security assistance single sign-on and work scheduler is included.


The ease of use and the friendly interface of the software is easy to navigate even for starters. The software is also easy to integrate with WordPress since the system has its own plugin. Thus, installation of this software can be less of a hassle. No need to contact a website manager in order to do a specific task of installing this system into your website’s interface.

However, one must remember that this software no voice and call feature. If you want to have a software program that can answer phone calls, you may need a separate system that can do this. LiveChat’s system builds updated emails and reports can be either annoying or a great way to keep track of records. This system may be pricey for new and startup companies but ideal for big companies if compared to other live chat and emails support and ticketing producing software platforms.

Overall, LiveChat Inc is reliable software that can help businesses with the everyday transaction with customer relations and support. Although the price may be different as compared to other free software, it is relatively worth its cost based on the number of task and its reliability with other software platforms and phones. It is easy to use plus, the administrative and live chat platform gives every company the edge in their way of communicating with their customers and potential clients.

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