LiveAgent Live Chat Review

LiveAgent is software that provides live chat services and email support to consumers. The system uses cloud storage to make sure that you are able to use and store data and messages between you and the consumers. With this, you can also tie up different platforms and tap to different market niches. You can connect this application thru Facebook, other social media platforms or integrate the chat system into your own company’s website.  You can connect thru your customers thru email and live chat. The use of the cloud feature gives you the ease and flexibility when it comes to your aim in swiftly replying to customer queries and complaints.

It may be difficult at to link several social media accounts, emails and live chat the first time you use LiveAgent. However, you can always get help from LiveAgent’s customer support system. Once you get the hang of tying all the systems in thru LiveAgent, it will be easier to reply to your customers thru social media, emails and live chat.  With LiveAgent, you may be able to customize your chat icon to your own digression. You can use your own images and your own brand image or logo.

You can download the app thru your mobile phone and you can still answer customer queries and other concerns even if you are on the go. With this, there is ease and connectivity in your part. You do not have to worry about waiting time and turnaround time when it comes to the length of hours your customer has to wait for an answer. You are sure that customer satisfaction will be increased with this feature.

This system is only for chat and email services, therefore, there is no telephone service system for this program. You may have to use another program or software system if you want your customer service to have outbound or inbound calls.

LiveAgent is one of the ways in which you can provide real customer service to your consumers. You can keep a record and keep track of the details and conversations that you had with your consumers. In this way, you can know which are the ways to improve and provide the best service.

Overall, LiveAgent is one of the most powerful customer service software platforms that is there in the market. The mere fact that it can tie up and you can answer customer questions thru emails, tickets generated and live chat is already a great start when it comes to customer service queries. Plus, the added feature of an app and its connectivity with different social media accounts gives it a cut above the rest of the customer service related software that is out there in the market.

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