Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reviews

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great customer relationship management software that has a great interface and has a number of features and functions. It has a built-in marketing tool that helps you reach your needed audience and users. This CRM is great for mid to large companies that are looking for a well-integrated and intricate CRM– A CRM that can help with complex operations, marketing and is a reliable search tool.


If you are interested in purchasing this CRM, there are several options and packages to choose from. Each price point has its own features. All you have to do is to choose which one of the features best suits your CRM needs. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is divided into two one would be the Enterprise edition while the other would be the Business edition.

Enterprise Edition: (prices are best for enterprise business)

  1.    Dynamics 365 Plan 1 at $70 per user per month for 500 users
  2.    Dynamics 365 Plan 2 at $210 per user per month
  3.    Team Members Enterprise edition at $4 to $10 per user per month depending on how many users you sign up.
  4.    Individual Apps at $95 – $190 per user per month depending on how many will sign up

Business Edition: (this is best for organizations with up to 100 or more users)

  1.    Dynamics 365 for Financials (full use) at $40 per user per month
  2.    Team Members for light use at $5 per user per month



  •    Offline access and use
  •    Has a tight integration with Microsoft products
  •    Have multiple dashboards
  •    No need for external use of marketing and automation tools, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a built-in marketing system and automation tool
  •    Has sales pipeline, competitor analysis, and case interaction management
  •    Can predict sales and has quota management
  •    Can manage contacts and accounts
  •    Excellent service reporting


  •    You have to pay extra 6$ for a “consultation fee” if you would like to have a tutorial on how the initial set-up is done
  •    Expensive
  •    The learning curve is intense for beginners
  •    has no free trial period
  •    Since it’s a Microsoft product, it has minimal integration with other software products
  •    Great for post sales but not for pre-sales, does not have lead function and has no sales acceleration features


Those who are comfortable and see that Microsoft is a great and reliable tool for your own use, then Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an ideal software tool for you. It has great and reliable software integration. Plus, the complexity of and the dynamics of its use is great especially for complex and detailed operations.

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