MyLiveChat Live Chat Review

MyLiveChat is great business solution software that caters to those who have multiple company websites, plugins, and platforms.

MyLive Chat can be integrated with the following: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Zen Cart, 3dcart, eBay, Adobe Muse CC, Volusion, and Blogger.

Popular CRM, CMS, SaaS and eCommerce solution are applicable with MyLiveChat.

Imagine how you can make use and utilize the MyLiveChat application using these tools. You can immediately get back to your consumers and make use of the time that you have without going thru the hassle of jumping from one application to the next.

The MyLiveChat application can easily be installed and used via a web platform, Android, iOS, MAC, and PC.

One of the most favorite selling points for MyLiveChat is the generosity of features that it provides for the free version. Although some features are not provided with the free version, compared to other software, MyLiveChat is already a gem compared to others.  Price can range from free which can be used by with unlimited chat history for 3 years, can have 1 login, can be used by different agents, different departments, can work with an unlimited number of domains and can have unlimited chats per month. Other kits would start at $15 (Starter) which has the same features as the free plan but with an added feature of labeling and email reports. The $29(Basic) kit can have 2 logins and same features as the Starter kit plus a 5-year chat history. You can also add an additional payment of $12 per additional login. With the $59 kit (Corporate) you get the same features as mentioned above plus a cheaper $9 per seat/login. And lastly, the $99 kit (Enterprise) features all the integrated features plus a 10-year chat history. An added $7 per seat is paid if you want more logins. All these prices are paid via a monthly basis.


  •    Great for small business
  •    Can make use with Google analytics map to help connect with customers, can help boost sales and potentially lost customers
  •    Have generous features for the free plan as compared to other live chat software provider.
  •    The list of possible integrations with other software can help your company’s marketing, sales and customers support team.
  •    Can provide visitor’s information while they try to access your web page or social media page
  •    Easy sign-up
  •    Easy to use interface
  •    Easy to customize, great for company and product branding



  •    Not ideal for big companies
  •    No white labeling for the free trial plan
  •    No email reporting for the free trial plan
  •    More ideal to pay on a monthly basis rather that an annual fee in case you are not happy with the software. Canceling your subscription and waiting for a refund may be a hassle

To summarize, MyLiveChat is an ideal simple solution who would like to have a customer service support software that is free and works. If you are a startup company or fairly a new company, and you would still like to provide a great customer support platform while having a tight budget, then MyLiveChat support is the ideal software for you. You can increase sales and immediately talk and build instant rapport with your customers using this software.


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