Olark Live Chat Review

In e-commerce, customer service can either make or break a sale. If you have great customer relations with your potential and avid online shoppers, then you are sure they will be able to buy and come back and shop again thru your online store. However, if the online shopper feels neglected and is not satisfied, they can immediately log out and stop shopping.


With Olark, you can help a customer and guide a customer into deciding what and which items they can buy in your online store. You can initiate the conversation with them or, they can easily access you by clicking a small icon in your website.


You can also synch Olark with an e-commerce site like Shopify. With this, you are sure that you get to answer orders and questions from your buyers.


Olark is an easy to use and customizable chat application that is ideal for small e-commerce businesses. The level of customer satisfaction that you can provide to your consumers can be met at a high rate with the use of the Olark software. The immediate response to questions, queries, and placement of orders is one factor that helps a customer decide to order and purchase again the second, third and the next time around.  It is easy to use and the interface may look like familiar application and web platforms. Even for first time users, this application or software is great to use.



  • Increase your sales by immediate and fast communication with your site visitors and potential buyers
  • Fast answer to queries can help make that sale
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy and seamless integration to web tools and CRMs
  • Can be linked with your Shopify seller’s account to immediately converse with buyers
  • Help customers fill up their shopping carts before they check out thru your website
  • You can monitor who is shopping in your online store
  • You can initiate chat using your computer or your mobile device
  • Provides cart information as to what your customers have bought



  • Customer service needs to improve
  • Most ideal for small e-commerce business
  • Maybe very basic for complex operations
  • Maybe more pricey compared to similar software applications
  • Needs a more stronger hardware since the application may slow down a more low end device

To help you decide if the Olark application is well worth it, you can try a 14 day free trial and see if you are satisfied as to how the application goes. Olark updates the system once in a while so glitches and problems may probably be resolved if any issues happens. With Olark, you are sure that you will be ready to give back to your consumers and provide 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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