Pinpointe is easy to use email marketing service. It is intuitive and helps create optimized campaign results. Pinpoine is best for business marketers since it has an automated measure and easy to track email leads. Also, Pinpoint is cloud-based software, this means that you can access your Pinpointe account anytime, anywhere.


With Pinpointe, your options and your plans are highly customizable. They even charge you based on the add-ons and the number of extensive packages that they have. But basically, there are two options that you can choose from.

  1.    The Professional Edition – can be sued for those who sends about 5,000 up to 250,000 emails in a month
  2.    The Enterprise Edition – can be used for those who sends out about 250,000 up to 25 million emails in a month



  •    Has a great spam checker and email preview tools
  •    Is cloud-based software, meaning there Is no need for bulky hardware to store your files
  •    Payment is based on your specific marketing need, unlike other competing products wherein you get a bundle pack of unnecessary features that you do not really want or need; Pinpointe can provide the best option and pick the best features that you want and need for your company.
  •    Has split testing, surveys, lead nurturing, social sharing and website tracking
  •    Has advanced automation system
  •    A/B testing
  •    Great reporting statistics
  •    Detailed segmentation tools
  •    The company always looks out for glitches and improves their system
  •    Top notch customer service, you can call them anytime and they are very helpful



  •    No unlimited email option for the standard plan
  •    Has complex multi-touch sales cycles
  •    For those who are new to using email lead software, the plans, and options the Pinpointe gives are too confusing and too much
  •    Design editor using colors may be frustrating
  •    May need to use hex codes in designing emails

Pinpoint provides a great email marketing tool that can help you immediately reach your target client. It is also amazing that this software can provide feedback from the people whom you have sent your mail. This proves valuable since one need to know his statistics in order for you to find out if you have reached your potential market and consumers.

If you would like to try Pinpointe, you can avail of different customizable options. The options are a lot if you want to discuss it. You can try and visit the Pinpointe website by clicking on this link ( Or, you can call US 408-834-7577 to get to know what plan suits you best.

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