Salesforce CRM Reviews

If you want centered all-in-one CRM software for your medium to large business then Salesforce is your best bet. This CRM is one of the most recommended CRM software that there is in the market. Salesforce is a highly customizable CRM that can link up to a lot of applications. It also has a mobile option which means that you can still utilize and look into your data even when you are on the go.

Customer service support is also strong with Salesforce. Therefore, any problems, lags or glitches can immediately be reported and resolved immediately.


If you wish to purchase Salesforce, here are the price points and options that you can choose:

  1.    SalesforceIQ CRM Starter – this package can use up to five users at $25 per user per month
  2.    Lightning Professional – this package is a complete CRM package for any size team. This package prices at $75 per user per month
  3.    Lightning Enterprise – one of the most popular package, this CRM is customizable and can be availed at $150 per user per month
  4.    Lightning unlimited – this package has unlimited power and support. It has all the features and some added bonus features. This package can be availed at $300 per user per month

The cool thing about Salesforce, unlike the other software CRM programs, is that you can try each version for free.



  •    The CRM has an expanded option, so this means that you can place more data per client’s file
  •    Salesforce CRM can be catered based on your business
  •    Salesforce is good to clean up and update their CRM
  •    Can partner with a lot of external applications
  •    Easy to input data into the system
  •    Has a mobile version or application
  •    Easy to contact customer support
  •    Recent updates incorporated quick links


  •    Salesforce is heavier on the price point compared to other software products that have the same features
  •    CRM features are more compatible with a larger company that deals with more intricate operations
  •    Has a learning curve to master the system
  •    Salesforce’s system may be too complex for beginners
  •    Despite the updates, it still has minimal technical issues, however, this can be addressed right away by customer service support
  •    Mobile application lacks a lot of features if compared to the desktop version


If you are thinking of buying a highly customizable CRM with a strong customer support background, then Salesforce is the best option for you. However, this software would best be used by medium to large companies due to the extensive applications and links that it has. For a more simple and a more straightforward CRM, you can try and look for other CRM programs that can best suit your needs and wants.

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