Live Chat Review

If you are into several messengers like Google Talk, Facebook instant messaging and answers text via SMS (Short Message Service). Then is an easy application that can integrate all of these messaging tools into one simple application. The use of as a free MIM or multi-protocol instant messaging platform gives you the ease of use in trying to reply to contacts around the globe.


The application can make use of either your Google, Pingpong, and Facebook account to access and load all the other messaging platform it is compatible to. Sign up is easy and fast. is more convenient for small-time e-commerce business sellers since it is free and familiar. The chat feature provides a more personal chat experience for the consumer as compared to the cold and distant looking live chat features that other software companies provide. may be used more as of a personal application. If your company is moving towards a strong sales and customer support team, then this may not be an ideal application or software for you. However, if you are still starting and your sales platform is based on Facebook, then this may be great since you can answer messages and SMS via one platform. Thus, you are not missing out on customer queries and follow up.



  • Convenient to use for those who are keen on using SMS, Facebook messenger, and GTalk.
  • Is free, does not need to pay for the use of
  • Unlimited Chat history
  • Can provide file sharing via drag-drop feature. Files shared can be photos, videos, and documents
  • Works with Windows desktop, Android, iPhone, chrome App, Mac and Linus


  • Is only limited to a few chat platforms and SMS
  • Not available in all countries
  • May not be convenient for large business owners since it does not provide tickets
  • Does not provide analytics or instant chat messaging to those who would like to move to a stronger sales and customer support team
  • No chat initiative
  • Will not work with calls


If you are on the move and you constantly go to places. It would be an easy option to send messages via one platform and application. With the ease of use of, you can send messages without missing out and forgetting other replies. When using multiple chat applications, you sometimes get confused as to what messenger platforms you will prioritize. Sometimes, you even forget to get back at that person. But with, you do not need to have that kind of problem. You can immediately get back to that person with the help of one single application which is




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