Email response software usually does the job of sending blast emails based on market leads. However, most email response software programs do not have the option to customize email based on the likes and specification that the company wants. With VerticalResponse, you can do just that.


VerticalResponse helps you get to your target audience quickly and efficiently. It is more affordable compared to other competitive brands out there. And it helps you get engaged with them in a much more engaging manner.


If you would like to try Vertical Response, you can avail of their free trial period. Once you have decided that this is the right email software program for you, and then you can choose from a list of different options:

  1.    Free (for explorers) – this plan has no expiration, no trial period and no credit card required. This includes, up to 300 contacts, can send up to 4000 emails per month and has live customer support
  2.    Basic (for newcomers) – this plan is paid at $11 per month – this includes everything from the free plan plus unlimited emails, removal of VerticalResponse branding and automated follow-up emails.
  3.    Pro (for savvy users) – this includes everything from the basic plan plus advanced reporting, delivery rate review and professionally designed email template
  4.    Pro+ (VerticalResponse does everything for you) – this plan includes everything that is in the plus plan and some added features like full-service email marketing, email campaign strategies, 1 promotional email per month, 1 newsletter per month and 8 social posts per month



  •    Unlike other email lead software, VerticalResponse image editing features that is comparable and at par with others, you can have different options to enhance images and add stickers, edit fonts and more
  •    Has advanced editing tools which help you customize your emails
  •    Have important options for email address integration
  •    Can use HTML coded email design
  •    Interface is not as easy to navigate to or not that intuitive
  •    Easy to use list management task
  •    Reliable customer service support, customer support is also knowledgeable and helpful
  •    Simple to use UI


  •    Segmented marketing, compared to another software program, is weak with VerticalResponse, one example is that the demographics and age of your target market cannot be detected
  •    Unreliable email delivery for Gmail recipients
  •    There is still some glitch when it comes to sending out email blast, some emails never arrive even if it is in the Spam folder of the recipients
  •    Does not work with Salesforce
  •    Most of the emails, if not sent, are being directed to Spam mail


If you are looking for email lead software that is highly customizable then this is the best option for you. You can avail of the best plan (Pro+) if you want to get the highest quality service that VerticalResponse can provide.

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