Zopim Live Chat Review

Zopim, now called Zendesk Chat is a Zendesk service that provides personalized live chat services to customers. You can use this application anywhere, anytime for as long as you have an internet connection. This application can be used on your mobile phone, your tablet, your laptop or your desktop, depending on your convenience and connectivity.


This application can be used on the go by agents. Administrators or account supervisors can fully customize settings and supervise agents using the application–whether they are in the office, at home or outside. With this convenience, turnaround time is quick and client satisfaction is guaranteed. Zendesk Chat offers an automated translator. This means that an agent can communicate with a wider client base anywhere in the world. Answers to queries or follow-up orders can be accommodated immediately with the help of this function. Zendesk Chat is also capable of providing real-time analytic capabilities. This capability can help your marketing and sales team know which market to tap and which clients to reach out to.


You can try Zopim for free which is applicable to one agent. It can work with 1 chat at a time, and 14 days chat history. The Basic feature which is $11.2 per agent annually and $14 per agent monthly has unlimited chats, 2 triggers, can be utilized by 2 departments and has widget customization. The Advance package which is $20 per agent annually and $25 per agent monthly has unlimited triggers, can be used by unlimited departments, can work during operating hours, can provide chat reports and has REST API. The premium package of $44 fee per agent annually and $55 per agent monthly features Widget Unbranding, provides agent reports, has real-time monitoring, has a high load dashboard, IP Access Restriction. It also showcases 24/7 support.



  •    Convenient can be used anywhere for as long as you have an internet connection
  •    Admin can fully customize the application and can supervise agents
  •    Familiar Chat window which makes it easy to navigate
  •    Can initiate chat to customers
  •    Offers real-time translation of text
  •    Can provide customer’s details (name email address, notes, and past chat history) once a customer has initiated chat
  •    Can provide client’s IP address, location, and browser
  •    Can be integrated with Google Analytics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zendesk, Netsuite and more
  •    Provides live chat button for support, thus you can report bugs and errors to Zopim/ Zendesk Chat while working with your customers



  •    Limited customization of windows (you can only change the color bar, text and windows position) which is a downfall for those who would like to customize their chat window for branding
  •    Has a limited JavaScrip API
  •    Not fully customizable theme Widgets


Overall, the new Zopim or Zendesk Chat is one improved feature that you know you can rely on. Zendesk is one reliable application that utilizes the latest software tools to help you boost your sales and your rapport with your consumers and customers.


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