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PureVPN Review
4.5 Pay $10.95/month for one-time monthly usage.
Pay $5.45/month for a year’s subscription.
Pay $3.25/month for a two-year subscription.
+Has a global coverage
+ Excellent performance
+ Client-centered design
+ Hasfirewall and a dedicated IP

Private Internet Access Review
4 Choose to avail this for a month pay $6.95.
choose to avail this for six months pay 35.95 or monthly $5.99.
Choose to avail this for a year pay $39.95 or monthly $3.33.
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+Easy to set up
+ Excellent for windows users
+ Can block ads
+ Can block malware
+ Provides great privacy and security
VyprVPN Review
Free Trial
4 VyprVPN Basic: $6.67/month/2devices
VyprVPN Pro: $8.33/month/3devices
VyprVPN Premier:$ 10.00/month/5devices
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+ Unlimited Bandwidth
+ Supported in many counties
+ NAT Firewall offered
+ 200,000+ IP Addresses
No Anonymous Payments methods
IPVanish Review
3.5 Subscription for monthly pay $10
Subscription for 3 months pay $8.99
Subscription for 1 year pay $6.49
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+ Great download performance
+ Simple interface
Can function using different platforms
Expensive compared to other VPN products
NORDvpn Review
NORDvpn simple plan pay $11.95/month.
NORDvpn standard annual plan pay $6.58/month and save 45% monthly fees
NORDvpn best offer annual plan pay $4.00/month and save 67% monthly fees
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+ Has double VPN and Tor VPN Connections
+ Ideal for streaming media
 Limited compatibility with some OS
 Has fewer server locations compared to other VPN software

HideMyASS Review
3.5 HideMyASS VPN monthly pay $11.52/month
HideMyASS VPN 6month: pay total $49.99 and save upto 28% reducing your monthly fee to $8.33/month
HideMyASS VPN 12month: pay total $78.66 and save upto 43% reducing your monthly fee to $6.55/month
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+ Simply and friendly interface
+ Speed test results show excellent speed
Only has two licenses per subscription
Ads are not blocked

Safe VPN Review
2.5 Single Plan: pay $5.99/month/1 device access/1connection.
Multiple plab: pay $ 10.99/month/3 device access simultaneiusly/3connection.
Small Business: pay $22.49/month/7 connection/unlimited bandwidth
+ Data and Identity protection
+ Fast Download Speed
+ Unlimited Bandwidth
Pay to Get More
No Referral Program

Cactus VPN Review
Free Trial
2 US VPN – 4 servers in the USA for monthly rate of $ 4.99
UK VPN – 6 servers in the UK for monthly rate of $ 4.99
Liberty VPN – 4 servers in Netherlands and 2 servers in Romania for $ 4.99 a month
+ 24 hour free trial
Still unsure about the the Open VPN support for iOS and Andriod
No port forwarding
Unsure if SmartDNS works well

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