How do you stay anonymous online? With HideMYASS VPN, you can browse without being detected. Plus, get protected from all your browsing activity from hackers, spyware or even the government. It creates a wall that makes you virtually undetected when it comes to your online activity and browsing. Brows limitlessly without any worries of being blocked or having to worry about your favorite Beyoncé video being blocked.

HdeMyASS is one of the largest VPN providers. Once free, it became more popular and decided to improve its features with a fee. It has over 940 servers and 120,000 IP address for over at least 350 locations all over the world. HideMyAss can be purchased thru your mobile and can support at least five connections at a time. Compared to other VPN providers which only limits up to one or two connections. It has up to four protocols which can help you with privacy all over the world. Policy protocols include L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN-TCP, and OpenVPN-UDP.

HideMyASS VPN software has three payment schemes that you can try.
1. Monthly – A monthly payment of $11.52 per month will be charged once you avail of the monthly plan
2. 6 months – save up to 28% of your monthly fee If you pay a total of $49.99, thus reducing your monthly fee to $8.33 per month
3. 12 months – save up to 43% of your monthly fee if you pay $78.66 total, you will have your monthly fee of at least $6.55 per month
HIdeMyASS can be paid thru major credit cards, PayPal, and even bank transfer.

• Has a lot of servers in almost each and every country
• Simply and friendly interface
• Speed test results show excellent speed
• Easy to remember and catchy brand name
• 30 day money back guarantee for Google Play and Itunes purchases
• Easy to navigate websites
• Can reach up to five connections

• Expensive compared to other VPN software programs that almost has the same features
• Only has two licenses per subscription
• Features is not as advanced compared to other products
• Ads are not blocked
• There is no free and trial version
• Does not have Bitcoin payment option
• Privacy protocol measures can still improve

With HideMyASS VPN, you need not to think too much about your browsing activities. You get to protect your internet whereabouts plus be able to conceal your personal information form spyware, thieves and hackers. The service is basic and easy to use. Thus making online safety less of your worries.

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