Safe VPN


It is quite rampant nowadays that the Internet is being used for some crimes all over the world. These crimes that are circulating today might either be looking after your money or your identity.
The big question now is how I can protect myself from these burglars without even spending much money?
A cost effective virtual private network services are now being offered to both private users and companies. Safer VPN is a company who wants their clients to enjoy using the internet at a reasonable price without having any fear about their security.
Safer VPN makes their clients access the Internet without any restrictions; this may either be from hackers, snoopers or even from the government. As the matter of fact, Safer VPN is now being widely used in China.
There is wide range of plans when one wants to take advantage of this protection. It comes in 3 major plans: Single, Multiple and Small Business.
Single: allows device access one at a time. It provides 1 connection, dedicated ultra-fast servers and an unlimited bandwidth for a monthly rate of $ 5.99.
Multiple: allows up to 3 devices used simultaneously. It offers 3 connections, dedicated ultra-fast servers and an unlimited bandwidth for a monthly rate of $ 10.99.
Small Business: offers small business offices huge savings by having 7 connections, dedicated ultra-fast servers and an unlimited bandwidth for a monthly rate of $ 22.49.
Data and Identity protection
In order to trace someone, one can access a person’s data log to monitor their internet activity and this can easily be seen in your IP address. But, with Safer VPN, no data logs for their users. This only means one can browse and be anonymous.
Fast Download Speed
There are so many reasons why the download speed is running slow, and one of the major reasons is having limited servers. Safer VPN ensures that their users does not experience slow internet connections as they have over 100 servers that are situated to 24 locations worldwide.
Unlimited Bandwidth
This is quite similar with the data plans that we have for our mobile phones. Most plans provide their clients data limits. Safer VPN offers their clients unlimited bandwidth, no matter what their plan maybe.
Money Back Guarantee
In order to assure their customers that they live up to their service claims, they offer you a money back guarantee which are completely no strings attached.
Pay to Get More
The basic deal that is being offered is only having one connection, so in order to connect more devices one needs to pay more.
No Referral Program
Some marketing strategies of companies are through perks from referrals but with Safer VPN this is not something that they offer.
Overall, SaferVPN is definitely a great service that a company has to offer. It does not only provide its clients that privacy and freedom that they need but it does help them save huge amount of money.

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